Men's rings come in many different metals, and each metal has it's own unique characteristics.  Gold rings are one of the most popular men's rings.

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History of Men's Rings

Ancient Times

Men's rings have a long history dating back to Ancient Times.  Rings in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome were far more than just a jewelry accessory.  Rings were used as a personal signature and for identification purposes.  Hence, rings were used as seals or signets and each one was unique.

Men's rings were also used as official seals of the government.  These were often gold rings and acted as the King's signature.

Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages men's rings continued to act as a means for identification and political association.  They further started to indicate profession as well.

It is believed during the 1500's that men's rings were first used to signify devotion although they were not matrimony rings.  It is also about this time rings started to incorporate precious gemstones especially for royalty.

Modern Times

The modern day "men's wedding ring", or also called a "wedding band" didn't start to become a custom until the 1950's.  The first men's wedding rings were primarily made of gold or silver.

The late 20th century ushered in a lot of new metals for men's wedding rings including platinum and tungsten carbide rings.  Men's rings now come in dozens of different metals, each with their own unique characteristics.

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