Popular Styles

Below are the most popular and common men's rings styles:​


A band, or ring, are fairly interchangeable synonyms.  Bands are most commonly associated with Wedding Band rings.


A claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring.  It features two hands clasping a heart with a crown. It's often associated with loyalty or friendship.


A class or school ring is a ring commemorating graduation from high school, college, or university.

Claw Ring

A claw ring has a claw-shaped prong setting typically with 6, 4, or 3 heads.


A cluster ring contains a center diamond or gemstone with more smaller diamonds or gemstones huddle, or clustered, around the center stone.


A cocktail ring typically contains a large precious gemstone or diamond.  The name is derived from this style of ring being ideal for a "cocktail party".


A cross ring is a Christian religious symbol ring with a cross embedded on top of the band.

Cuban Link

A Cuban link ring features oval links that intersect in a rope fashion instead of a regular segment.


A hinged ring features a hinge in the middle of the ring allowing it to open up.


A hip-hop ring is often extravagant with many diamonds or gemstones, and is popular in the hip-hop community.


A masonic ring is a symbol ring used in Freemasonry.  Freemasons typically wear a masonic ring after they've earned their 3rd degree.


A military ring is worn by military personnel to honor their military careers.

Pinky Ring

A pinky ring is, you guessed it, worn on a pinky.  There can be many different meanings for a pinky ring.


A rolling ring consists of three interlocking bands.  They are also referred to as Russian rings or Trinity rings.


A signet ring is a ring engraved with a seal, or signet.  Sometimes a signet ring is used as a seal for wax.


A solitaire ring consists of just one center stone.  The stone can be any gemstone or diamond.

Solitaire with Accents

A solitaire ring with accents is a center stone ring that adds smaller gemstones or diamonds adjacent to the center stone.


A spinner ring is a ring that has multiple band rings which move around fairly freely.  The bands are different sizes to allow for movement.


A statement ring is very large stone ring meant for gaining attention.  They are also commonly referred  to as cocktail rings.


A three stone ring unsurprisingly features three stones in a row.  These rings are often given as engagement rings.


Turkish rings are also referred to as Puzzle rings.  Legend has it that this type of wedding ring can fall apart if taken off the wedding finger, with no way of being reassembled.


A two-tone ring contains two different, contrasting colors or metals.

Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is given to married couples upon the completion of their matrimony.


A wrap ring contains a wrap that protects and guards another center ring.